Association of Free Lutheran Congregations

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Association of Free Lutheran Congregations is the sixth largest Lutheran church body in the United States. The AFLC includes congregations from the former Lutheran Free Church before 1963, in 27 different states, as well as four Canadian provinces. The AFLC is not an incorporated synod, but a free association. Each local congregation is a separate corporation. Minnesota is the geographic center of the organization, with over 80 congregations and over 12,000 members. There are also numerous congregations in the neighboring states of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The AFLC headquarters are in Plymouth, Minnesota along with the Association Free Lutheran Bible School and Seminary. The AFLC logo is the open Bible that is symbolic of God's word as the foundation of faith and life. The Ascending Dove is symbolic of the freedom of congregation, and the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Green Vine is symbolic of the living congregation bearing fruit for God.
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