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The Association of Heads of Independent Girls' Schools (AHIGS), is an association for independent girls' schools, based in North Ryde, in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Established in 1916 as The Association of Head Mistresses of New South Wales, the Association that as of 2017 comprised 31 member schools, enables inter-school aesthetic, cultural and sporting activities (through the Independent Girls' Schools Sporting Association) between New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory's most exclusive independent and Catholic girls' schools. AHIGS also exists for the purpose of encouraging communication and a bond of co-operation and collegiality among independent girls' schools and their "heads", and working towards advancing the cause of the education of girls through policy development on major issues of concern. The association actively represents its members and the interests of their schools at a political level, through lobbying governments and politicians. Through AHIGS competitions, member schools and their students, are encouraged to value good sportsmanship, participation, team spirit and fairness above undue competitiveness and individualism. Of New South Wales' fifteen female Rhodes Scholars (1904 to 2009), eight have attended an AHIGS School.
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