Asstrilly's Goold Fields

Song performed by Edward Corvan
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Asstrilly's Goold Fields in Geordie dialect translates as "Australia’s Gold Fields" and sub-titled "Tommy Carr's Letter", is a Geordie folk song written in the 19th century by Edward "Ned" Corvan, in a style deriving from music hall. This song, like “'The skipper's dream", is based on one of his "dream sequences" It was written soon after the announcements in the press that gold (or more correctly "goold") had been discovered in 1854 in Victoria, on the continent of Australia (again more correctly "Asstrilly"). This gold find created a rush of (mainly) single men wishing to emigrate to what had previously been considered a "penal colony" and a very unpopular destination. They were all willing to make the hazardous and long sea journey for the promise of "easy" riches. For the Tyneside workforce with the added problems of punishing industrial labour with long hours, poor conditions and low pay, or more likely unemployment, the promise was even more enticing. This is just one of the many songs written at that time about the Australian gold rush.
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