Asterivora Barbigera

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Asterivora barbigera
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Asterivora barbigera is a moth in the family Choreutidae. It is endemic to New Zealand. The wingspan is about 19 mm. The head is bronzy irrorated with white and dark fuscous and the thorax is greyish-bronze sprinkled with white. The abdomen is bronzy-grey, although the segmental margins are white. The forewings are elongate, posteriorly dilated, the costa gently arched, the apex obtuse, the termen bowed and oblique. They are greyish-bronze, irregularly irrorated with white, especially towards the costa and on a terminal band. There is a white transverse dot on the end of the cell. A second line is formed of white irroration which is strongly curved outwards. The hindwings are light grey.
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Simaethis barbigera
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