Asterivora Combinatana

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Asterivora combinatana
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Asterivora combinatana
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Asterivora combinatana is a species of moth in the family Choreutidae. It is endemic to New Zealand. Adults have been recorded from October to April. It is a day flying species. The larvae feed on Senecio bellidioides. They live in a silken gallery, which is formed amongst the young shoots of the plant. The larvae are somewhat stout and slightly tapering at each end. The head and dorsal surface of the prothorax are corneous and pale brown in colour, while the rest of the body is ochreous. Pupation takes place white silken cocoons amongst the dead shoots of their host plant.
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Simaethis combinatana
Simaethis abstitella
Asterivora abstitella
Simaethis zomeuta
Asterivora zomeuta
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