Asterivora Iochondra

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Asterivora iochondra
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Asterivora iochondra is a species of moth in the family Choreutidae. It is endemic to New Zealand. The wingspan is 16–17 mm. The head and thorax are dark brown, with a few whitish specks and the antennae are dark fuscous dotted with white. The abdomen is dark fuscous. The dark bronzy-brown forewings are suboblong, moderate, the costa moderately arched, the apex obtuse, the termen rounded and oblique. The basal area is sprinkled with violet-whitish specks. There is a very undefined irregularly dentate shade of violet-whitish specks from two-fifth of the costa to the middle of the dorsum. The dark fuscous hindwings are ovate-triangular, the termen slightly rounded and hardly perceptibly sinuate.
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Simaethis iochondra
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