Asterivora Tillyardi

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Asterivora tillyardi
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Asterivora tillyardi is a species of moth in the family Choreutidae. It is endemic to New Zealand. The wingspan is about 17.5 mm. The head and thorax are white mixed with pale fuscous and the antennae are black annulated (ringed) with white. The abdomen is bronzy-fuscous, suffusedly annulated with whitish. The legs are whitish mixed with bronzy-fuscous. The pale bronzy-fuscous mixed with dark fuscous forewings are moderate, the costa hardly arched, the apex pointed, the termen markedly sinuate (wavy) and oblique. The markings are snow-white. There is a small basal patch and a broad band before middle, projecting outwardly in the disc and touching the following band. The hindwings are greyish-fuscous.
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Simaethis tillyardi
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