GLC: The Carnage Continues...

1990 episode of The Comic Strip
GLC: The Carnage Continues... (english)
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"GLC: The Carnage Continues" is an episode of the British television comedy series The Comic Strip Presents... broadcast on BBC2 in 1990. It parodied a Hollywood telling of the 1980s takeover of the Greater London Council by Ken Livingstone and the subsequent disbanding of that body by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, re-imagining the story as a Charles Bronson / Sylvester Stallone-style action movie. It is a spiritual successor to The Strike, which involved the creation of a Hollywood version of the 1984 miners' strike (and actually features a joke about making a film on the GLC as a sequel to Strike - "Don't tell me, you're going to get Charles Bronson to play Ken Livingstone").
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