Governor of Yucatán

Chief executive of the Mexican state of Yucatán
Governor of Yucatan
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Governors of Yucatán
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The Governor of the State of Yucatan is the head of the executive branch of this Yucatán, who is chosen for a period of a 6 years-term not eligible for reelection. The figure of the Governor is established on the Constitution of the State of Yucatan on its Title Fifth. The term of the Governor begins on October 1 of the year of the election and finishes September 30, six years later. The same constitution empowers those individuals to be elected Governor who have held the title of executive power but in a different way to the popular election, namely the interim, or temporary replacements. The latter has caused controversies and political conflicts, because in the view of several instances is in conflict with a precept of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States that stipulates that no state governor may hold power for more than six years.
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