Latvijas Vēstnesis

February 2, 1993
Latvijas Vēstnesis (latvian)
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Latvijas Vēstnesis is the official publisher of the Republic of Latvia, which publishes official government announcements of new legislation and other legal acts, founded in 1993. The name in English means Latvian Messenger or Latvian Herald. It is considered to be the successor to Pagaidu Valdības Vēstnesis (Messenger of the Provisional Government), the official publication of the Latvian government first issued on 14 December 1918. In 1919 the paper dropped "Provisional" from its name and was published as Valdības Vēstnesis until 1940, when it was dissolved by Soviet occupational authorities. According to the Law On Official Publications and Legal Information it ensures the following functions: implements the state policy in the field of official publication and systematisation of the information included therein; promotes the understanding regarding the rights and duties of private individuals specified in regulatory enactments; ensures the provision of State official information, the process of official publication and systematisation of the information included therein.
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