Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996

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The Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996 (Pub.L. 104–188, H.R. 3448, 110 Stat. 1755, enacted August 20, 1996) is a United States federal law. It was sponsored by Rep. Bill Archer (R-TX) and it was signed into law by President Bill Clinton. The stated intent of the bill is: "To provide tax relief for small businesses, to protect jobs, to create opportunities,to increase the take home pay of workers, to amend the Portal-to-Portal Act of 1947 relating to the payment of wages to employees who use employer owned vehicles, and to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to increase the minimum wage rate and to prevent job loss by providing flexibility to employers in complying with minimum wage and overtime requirements under that Act."
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