Villawood Immigration Detention Centre

Villawood Detention Centre
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Villawood Immigration Detention Centre
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Villawood Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) is an Australian immigration detention facility located in the suburb of Villawood in Sydney, New South Wales in Australia. It mainly caters for people who have overstayed their visa permit or those who had their visa cancelled because they have failed to comply with their visa conditions, and some adult male and female asylum seekers who have arrived by boat without visas, whom the Australian government refer to as "Illegal Maritime Arrivals". Though, over the decades since the '50s, various Australian federal legislatures have ratified into law many of the provisions of the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which specifically grants a right for refugees to apply for asylum - with or without identifying documentation). People refused entry into the country at international airports and seaports may also be detained there. The centre has been the focus of much controversy, with accusations of human rights abuses. As of April 2016 it was managed by a private prison company Serco Group.
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