Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic

Union republic of the Soviet Union
April 28, 1920
Azerbaijan SSR
Soviet Azerbaijan
Azerbaidzhan Soviet Socialist Republic
Azerbaidzhan SSR
Soviet Azerbaidzhan
Azerbaydzhanskaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika
short name
Азербайджанская ССР (russian)
Азербайджанская ССР (belarusian)
Azərbaycan SSR (azerbaijani)
Азербайджанська РСР (ukrainian)
ҶШС Озарбойҷон (tajik)
РСС Озарбойҷон (tajik)
ҶШСО (tajik)
РССО (tajik)
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Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic
dissolved, abolished or demolished
October 17, 1991
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Azerbaijan (/ˌæzərbaɪˈdʒɑːn/ (listen) AZ-ər-by-JAHN; Azerbaijani: Азәрбајҹан / Azərbaycan), officially the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (Azerbaijan SSR; Azerbaijani: Азәрбајҹан Совет Сосиалист Республикасы / Azərbaycan Sovet Sosialist Respublikası, Russian: Азербайджанская Советская Социалистическая Республика [АзССР], romanized: Azerbaydzhanskaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika [AzSSR]), also referred to as Soviet Azerbaijan, was one of the constituent republics of the Soviet Union between 1922 and 1991. Created on 28 April 1920 when Soviet Russia brought pro-Soviet figures to power in the region, the first two years of the Azerbaijani SSR were as an independent country until incorporation into the Transcausasian SFSR, along with the Armenian SSR and the Georgian SSR. In December 1922, the Transcaucasian SFSR became part of the newly established Soviet Union. The Constitution of Azerbaijan SSR was approved by the 9th Extraordinary All-Azerbaijani Congress of Soviets on 14 March 1937. On 5 February 1991, Azerbaijan SSR was renamed the Republic of Azerbaijan according to the Decision No.16-XII of Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan approving the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan SSR dated 29 November 1990, remaining in the USSR for another period before its independence in October 1991. The Constitution of the Azerbaijan SSR ceased to exist in 1995, upon the adoption of the new Constitution of Azerbaijan.
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Soviet Azerbaijan
Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan SSR
Azerbaijani Soviet Socialist Republic
Azerbaijan Socialist Soviet Republic
Azerbaijani SSR
Azerbaijan SSR
Azerbaijani Socialist Conciliar Republic
Azeri SSR
Soviet Azeri
Azərbaycan Sovet Sosialist Respublikası
The Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic
Азәрбајҹан Совет Сосиалист Республикасы
Azerbaydzhanskaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika
Azeri Soviet Socialist Republic
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