UTC Offset

Difference in hours and minutes from UTC for a particular place and date
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The UTC offset is the difference in hours and minutes from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for a particular place and date. It is generally shown in the format ±[hh]:[mm], ±[hh][mm], or ±[hh]. So if the time being described is one hour ahead of UTC (such as the time in Berlin during the winter), the UTC offset would be "+01:00", "+0100", or simply "+01". Every inhabited place in the world has a UTC offset that is a multiple of 15 minutes, and the majority of offsets (as well as all nautical time zones) are measured in whole hours. There are many cases where the national civil time (ignoring Daylight Saving) uses a UTC offset (time zone) that is different to the theoretical one appropriate to its longitude.
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