FC Alania Vladikavkaz

Association football club in Russia
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FC Alania Vladikavkaz
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FC Spartak Vladikavkaz (Russian: Футбольный клуб «Спартак» Владикавказ, Ossetian: Футболон клуб "Алани") is a Russian football club based in Vladikavkaz (formerly Ordzhonikidze), North Ossetia–Alania. Founded in 1921, the club played in the Soviet Top League during the communist era, and won its first and only league title in the 1995 Russian Top League. Before the 2016–17 season, FC Alania Vladikavkaz that participated in the third-tier Russian Professional Football League was dissolved and a formally new club called FC Spartak was organized again and registered for PFL. PFL did not allow the club to register with 'Alania' in their name due to accumulated debts for the club of that name.
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Spartak-Alania Vladikavkaz
Alania Vladikavkaz
FC Spartak-Alania Vladikavkaz
Spartak Vladikavkaz
Spartak Ordzhonikidze
Alanya Vladikavkaz
Spartak Wladikawkas
Spartak Orjonikidze
Spartak Vladikavkas
FC Spartak Ordzhonikidze
Alania (football club)
FC Alania Vladikavkaz
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