Larissa F.C.

Association football club in Greece
AEL 1964 FC
Athlitiki Enosi Larissa F.C.
official name
Αθλητική Ένωση Λάρισας (greek)
short name
ΑΕΛ (greek)
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Larissa FC
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AEL Football Club (Greek: ΠΑΕ ΑΕΛ), also known by its full name Athlitiki Enosi Larissa (Greek: Αθλητική Ένωση Λάρισας, lit. 'Athletic Union of Larissa'), simply called AEL or Larissa, is a Greek association football club based in the city of Larissa, capital of Greece's Thessaly region. Founded in 1964, it is directly associated with the city of Larissa and its representation. The club's emblem, is a rising horse and its colors are crimson and white. It is the only team outside the two major Greek cities (Athens and Thessaloniki) to have won the Greek Championship in the season 1987–88. AEL has also won the Greek Cup twice (1984–85 and 2006–07) and came runners-up in the Cup finals of 1982 and 1984. This record places the club among the top teams in the history of Greek football. They play their home games at AEL FC Arena, a newly built stadium (2010) with a capacity of 16,118 seats. The team currently competes in the Greek Super League, the first tier of the Greek football league system.
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A.E. Larisa FC
Larisa F.C.
Larissa FC
Larissa F.C.
Larissa F.C
Vasilissa tou Kambou
A.E.L. 1964 F.C.
AEL 1964 F.C.
AEL 1964 FC
AE Larisa FC
AELarissa FC
AE Larissa FC
AELarissa F.C.
AEL Larissa F.C.
AEL Larissa FC
AEL Larissa F.C
Athletic Union of Larissa F.C.
AELarissa F.C
AE Larissa F.C
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