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Sriwijaya Air is an Indonesian airline based in Jakarta with its headquarters located at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport M1 Area in Tangerang, near Jakarta. Sriwijaya Air is the country's third largest carrier, operating a fleet of narrow-body aircraft, and offers flights to various Indonesian destinations and a few international destinations. The airline is listed as a Category 1 airline by Indonesia's Civil Aviation Authority, the highest status that can be achieved for operational safety. In November 2018, Garuda Indonesia through its subsidiary Citilink took over operations as well as financial management of Sriwijaya Air by a cooperation agreement (KSO). On November 8, 2019. Cooperation Agreement (KSO) between Garuda Indonesia and Sriwijaya Air was terminated, marked by the resumption of Sriwijaya Air's ground service equipment which was originally stored while the Cooperation Agreement (KSO) was in progress. This is because PT. GMF Aero Asia .Tbk and PT. Gapura Indonesia. Tbk as subsidaries from Garuda Indonesia Grup unilaterally stopped providing services to Sriwijaya Air passengers and causing various delays and abondoned passengers because the Sriwijaya Group did not pay in cash to the Garuda Indonesia Group for the provision of the service facilities.
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