1994 Asian Games

12th edition of the Asian Games
12 Asian Games
Hiroshima 1994
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October 2, 1994
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1994 Asian Games
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The 1994 Asian Games (Japanese: 1994年アジア競技大会, Senkyūhyakukyūjūyon-nen Ajia kyōgi taikai), also known as the XII Asiad and the 12th Asian Games (Japanese: 第12回アジア競技大会, romanized: Daijūni-kai Ajia kyōgi taikai), were held from October 2 to 16, 1994, in Hiroshima, Japan. The main theme of this edition was to promote peace and harmony among Asian nations. It was emphasized by the host because the venue was the site of the first atomic bomb attack 49 years earlier. Due to the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq was suspended from the games. The games became memorable by the debuts of former republics of the Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. There were a total number of 6,828 athletes and officials involved, from 42 countries, with a total number of 34 events. Debut sports at this edition of the Asiad were baseball, karate and modern pentathlon.
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