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The surname David or Dávid may refer to: Dávid family, a Hungarian noble family, based in present-day Slovakia Albert David (1902–1945), American naval officer Anna David (journalist) (born 1970), American journalist Anna David (singer) (born 1984), Danish pop and soul music singer Constantin David (1908-1941), Romanian communist activist Cristian David (born 1967), Romanian politician Dickie David (1879–1939), Wales national rugby union player Edgeworth David (1858–1934), Welsh-Australian geologist and explorer Elizabeth David (1913–1992), British cookery writer Félicien-César David (1810–1876), French composer Ferenc Dávid (1510–1579), founder of the Unitarian Church in Transylvania Ferdinand David (musician) (1810–1873), German violinist and composer F. R. David (born 1947), Tunisian-born French singer Gary David (born 1978), Filipino professional basketball player Gerard David (c. 1455–1523), Dutch renaissance painter Guy David (1947–2008), French football player and coach Guy David (mathematician) (born 1957), French mathematician Gyula Dávid (1913–1977), Hungarian composer Hal David (1921–2012), American lyricist and songwriter Hérmine David (1886–1970), French painter Jacques David (bishop) (1930–2018), French Roman Catholic prelate Jacques-Louis David (1748–1825), French neoclassical painter Janina David (born 1930), British writer, Holocaust survivor Jason David (born 1982), NFL football player for the New Orleans Saints Johann Nepomuk David (1895–1977), Austrian composer Keith David (born 1956), American actor Kornél Dávid (born 1971), Hungarian basketball player Larry David (born 1947), American comedian, writer, and actor Leonardo David (1960–1985), Italian alpine skier Leopold David (1878 or 1881–1924), first mayor of Anchorage, Alaska Maria Jeyarani David (born 1951), ordained Christian missionary from Malaysia Peter David (born 1956), American writer Pierre Jean David (1788–1856), called "David d'Angers", French sculptor Shani David (born 1991), Israeli soccer player Stuart David (born 1969), Scottish musician and novelist Craig David (born 1981), English musician Colt David (born 1985), American football player Alki David ( born 1968), Greek businessman and actor
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