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Vilhelm is a masculine given name, the Scandinavian form of William and Wilhelm. Notable people with the name include: Vilhelm Ahlmann (1852-1928), Danish-Swedish architect Vilhelm Andersen (1864–1953), Danish author, literary historian and intellectual Vilhelm Andersson (1891–1933), Swedish water polo player and freestyle swimmer Vilhelm Aubert (1922–1988), Norwegian sociologist Vilhelm Mariboe Aubert (1868–1908), Norwegian jurist Vilhelm Bjerke-Petersen (1909-1957), Danish painter, writer and art theorist Vilhelm Bjerknes (1862–1951), Norwegian physicist, founder of modern meteorology Vilhelm Bissen (1836–1913), Danish sculptor Vilhelm Frimann Christie Bøgh (1817–1888), Norwegian archivist Vilhelm Bryde (1888–1974), Swedish actor and art director Vilhelm Buhl (1881–1954), Prime Minister of Denmark in 1942 and again in 1945 Vilhelm Carlberg (1880–1970), Swedish Olympic champion shooter Vilhelm Dahlerup (1826–1907), Danish architect Vilhelm Dybwad (1863–1950), Norwegian barrister and writer Vilhelm Ekelund (1880–1949), Swedish poet Vilhelm Evang (1909–1983), Norwegian military officer Vilhelm Grønbech (1873–1948), Danish cultural historian and educator Vilhelm Groth (1842-1899), Danish landscape painter Vilhelm Gylche (1888–1952), Danish track and field athlete Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864–1916), Danish painter Vilhelm Hansen (1900–1992), Danish children's book author and illustrator Vilhelm Helander (born 1941), Finnish architect Vilhelm Herold (1865–1937), Danish operatic tenor, voice teacher and theatre director Vilhelm Christian Holm (1820–1886), Danish composer Vilhelm Hvalsøe (1883-1958), Danish architect Johannes Vilhelm Jensen (1873–1950), Danish writer, Nobel Prize laureate Vilhelm Johansen (1898–1993), Danish sports shooter Vilhelm Jørgensen (1897–1967), Danish footballer Vilhelm Klavenæs (19??–19??), Norwegian luger Vilhelm Klein (1835–1913), Danish architect Vilhelm Krag (1871–1933),Norwegian poet, author, journalist and cultural personality Vilhelm Kraus (born 1949), Bulgarian politician Vilhelm Kyhn (1819–1903), Danish landscape painter Vilhelm Lange (1893–1950), Danish gymnast Vilhelm Lauritzen (1894–1984), Danish architect Vilhelm Laybourn (1885–1955), Danish modern pentathlete Vilhelm Lie (1877–1935), Norwegian civil servant Vilhelm Lindgrén (1895–1960), Finnish swimmer Anders Vilhelm Lundstedt (1882–1955), Swedish jurist and legislator Vilhelm Lundstrøm (1893–1950), Danish modernist painter Vilhelm Herman Oluf Madsen (1844–1917), Danish politician, minister, army officer, businessman and inventor Vilhelm Mejdell (1904–1989), Norwegian marketing agent and sports official Vilhelm Melbye (1824–1882), Danish painter Vilhelm Moberg (1898–1973), Swedish author, playwright and historian Vilhelm Munk Nielsen (born 1955), Danish footballer Vilhelm Pacht (1843–1912), Danish genre painter, industrialist and philanthropist Vilhelm Paus (1915–1995), Norwegian lawyer, diplomat and business executive Vilhelm Pedersen (1820–1859), Danish painter and illustrator Vilhelm Petersen (1812-1880), Danish landscape painter Vilhelm Petersen (1830–1913), Danish architect Vilhelm Rosenqvist (1856–1925), Finnish secondary school teacher and politician Vilhelm Rosenstand (1838–1915), Danish painter and illustrator Vilhelm Swedenborg (1869–1943), Swedish military officer, explorer and an aeronaut Vilhelm Thomsen (1842–1927), Danish linguist and Turkologist Vilhelm Topsøe (1840–1881), Danish novelist and journalist Vilhelm Tvede (1826–1891), Danish architect Vilhelm Tveteraas (1898–1972), Norwegian printmaker, painter and illustrator Vilhelm Uchermann (1852–1929), Norwegian physician, otorhinolaryngologist Vilhelm Vett (1879–1962), Danish sport sailor Vilhelm Theodor Walther (1819–1892), Danish architect Vilhelm Andreas Wexelsen (1849–1909), Norwegian bishop and politician Vilhelm Wohlert (1920–2007), was a Danish architect Vilhelm Wolfhagen (1889–1958), Danish amateur football player
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