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Bello is an Italian, Spanish surname from bello ‘handsome/beautiful’ (Late Latin bellus), hence a nickname for a handsome man. In medieval Italy the word was also applied as a personal name, which also gave rise to the surname. Notable people with the surname include: Alfred Bello, witness in trial of Rubin Carter Andrés Bello (1781–1865), Venezuelan poet, lawmaker, philosopher, and educator Antoine Bello (born 1970), French-American writer B. J. Bello (born 1994), American football player Carolina Bello (born 1983), Uruguayan writer Emilio Bello (1868–1941), Chilean lawyer, diplomat and politician Frank Bello (born 1965), American bass guitar player Henry Bello, shooter in Bronx Lebanon Hospital attack John Bello (born 1946), American entrepreneur José Bello (1904–2008), Spanish intellectual and writer Louie Bello, American musician Marco Bello (c. 1470 – 1523), Italian painter Maria Bello (born 1967), American actress Walden Bello (born 1945), Academic and political analyst Bello Nock (born 1968), World's Greatest Dare Devil Babatounde Bello (born 1989) Beninese footballer Bello of Carcassonne (died 812) Count of Carcassonne from 790 until his death Concetto Lo Bello (1924-1991) Italian football referee
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