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Grimes is a surname that is believed to be of a Scandinavian, English, or Irish descent, and may refer to: Alison Lundergan Grimes (b. 1978), Kentucky Secretary of State Aoibhinn Grimes (b. 1976), former field hockey forward from Canada Ashley Grimes (disambiguation), multiple people Barbara Grimes (d. 1957), teenage American murder victim - see Murder of the Grimes sisters Brent Grimes (b. 1983), American football player Bryan Grimes (1828–1880), major general in the Confederate Army during the U.S. Civil War Burleigh Grimes (1893–1985), American baseball player Camryn Grimes (b. 1990), American actress Charles Grimes (surveyor) (1772–1858), English surveyor Charles Grimes (rower) (1935–2007), American Olympic rower Christopher M. Grimes (b. 1948), artist from Bermuda Connor Grimes (b. 1983), American field hockey player David Grimes (Alabama politician) (b. c. 1953), American politician David Robert Grimes, (b. 1985), Irish physicist and cancer researcher Edward Grimes (b. 1991), one of the twin performers in the duo known as Jedward (along with John Grimes) Frank Grimes (actor) (b. 1947), Irish actor Gary Grimes (b. 1955), American actor Grimes (musician) (b. 1988), stage name of the Canadian musician Claire Elise Boucher Henry Grimes (b. 1935), American jazz musician Jack Grimes (disambiguation), multiple people James W. Grimes (1816–1872), American politician Jason Grimes (b. 1959), American long jumper Jesse Grimes (1788–1866), Texas pioneer and politician of Grimes County Texas John Grimes (disambiguation), multiple people Joseph Rudolph Grimes (1923–2007), Liberian Secretary of State; Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law founder Karolyn Grimes (b. 1940), American actress Louis Arthur Grimes (1883–1948), tenth Chief Justice of Liberia Ken Grimes (b. 1947), American artist Mark Grimes, Toronto City Councillor Mark Grimes, Dublin's most beautiful person 2016 Martha Grimes (b. 1931), American writer of detective fiction Oscar Grimes, Jr. (1915–1993), utility infielder in Major League Baseball Patricia Grimes (d. 1957), teenage American murder victim - see Murder of the Grimes sisters Paul Grimes (criminal) (b. 1950), former Liverpudlian gangster who became and informant in a witness protection program Paul Grimes (public servant), contemporary senior Australian public servant and former Secretary of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture Phil Grimes (1929–1989), Irish hurler Quentin Grimes (born 2000), American basketball player Ray Grimes, Sr. (1893–1953), first baseman in Major League Baseball Roger Grimes (b. 1950), Canadian politician Roy Grimes (1893–1954), second baseman in Major League Baseball Sarah Grimes, musician in the band September Girls Scott Grimes (b. 1971), American actor Shenae Grimes (b. 1989), Canadian-American actress Steve Grimes, contemporary member of the British band The Farm Stuart Grimes (b. 1974), former Scottish international rugby player and captain Tammy Grimes (1934–2016), American actress and singer Tiny Grimes (1916–1989), American jazz and R&B guitarist Vic Grimes (b. 1970), American professional wrestler W. F. Grimes (1905–1988), British archaeologist Fictional characters: Frank Grimes, a character from The Simpsons Season 8 episode "Homer's Enemy" John Grimes, the hero of a series of science fiction novels by A. Bertram Chandler John Grimes, in the film Black Hawk Down Morgan Grimes, major character on the television series Chuck Muddy and Dallas Grimes, villains of the film Beavis and Butt-Head Do America Rick Grimes, protagonist in the comic book and television series The Walking Dead Lori Grimes, his wife Carl Grimes, their son Sarah Grimes in Welcome Home (2015 film)
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