MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction

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The MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction is a craft award given to both the artist as well as the art director of the music video. From 1984 to 2006, the award's full name was Best Art Direction in a Video, and after a brief removal in 2007, its name was shortened to its current form starting in 2008. The biggest winners are K. K. Barrett and Jan Houllevigue, both of whom won this award twice. The most nominated art directors are Tom Foden, Charles Infante, and Laura Fox with four nominations each. Closely following them are K.K. Barrett, Bryan Jones, and Nigel Phelps with three nominations each. The performer whose videos have won the most awards is Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, Madonna's videos have received the most nominations with six. No performer has won a Moonman in this category for their work as an art director. Jamie Hewlett ("Clint Eastwood") and Jack White ("Would You Fight for My Love?") are the only performers to have been nominated for their work in this category.
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