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Aníbal is the Spanish and Portuguese masculine given name equivalent of Hannibal (q.v.), itself a latinization of the Greek name Hanníbas (Ἀννίβας), derived from “ḥnbʿl” in the Carthaginian language (Carthaginian Punic script, 𐤇‬𐤍𐤁‬𐤏‬𐤋‬), a descendant of the Phoenician Canaanite language in which the name's meaning is "Baʿal ([the] Lord) [is] my grace", a cognate of the Hebrew honorific Baʿal (בעל) “master/lord”. In English, it may refer to: Aníbal stagename of Carlos Ignacio Carrillo Contreras (1940–1994), Mexican wrestler Aníbal (full name Aníbal Zurdo Rodríguez) (born 1982), Mexican footballer Aníbal Acevedo (born 1971), Puerto Rican boxer Aníbal Acevedo Vilá (born 1962), Puerto Rican politician Aníbal Capela (born 1991), Portuguese footballer Aníbal Cavaco Silva (born 1939), Portuguese president Aníbal González (born 1963), Chilean footballer Aníbal González Irizarry (1927-2018), Puerto Rican broadcast journalist Aníbal López aka A-1 53167 (1964–2014), Guatemalan artist Aníbal Milhais (1895-1970), Portuguese soldier during World War I Aníbal Muñoz Duque (1908–1987), Colombian cardinal of the Roman Catholic church Aníbal Parada (born 1984), Salvadorean footballer Aníbal Pinto Garmendia (1825–1884), president of Chile Aníbal Pinto Santa Cruz (1919–1996), Chilean economist Aníbal Sánchez (born 1984), Venezuelan baseball player Aníbal Troilo (1914–1975), Argentine tango musician
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