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De Rossi (Italian pronunciation: [de ˈrossi]) is an Italian surname, and may refer to: Alessandra De Rossi, Philippine actress Andrea de Rossi (born 1972), Italian former rugby union footballer and a current coach Andrea de Rossi (archbishop) (1644-1696), Italian Roman Catholic Archbishop of Rossano Angela de' Rossi (1506-1573), Italian noblewoman Angelo de Rossi (1671-1715), Italian sculptor Assunta De Rossi, Philippine actress Azariah dei Rossi, an Italian-Jewish physician and scholar Barbara De Rossi (born 1960), Italian actress Bernardo de Rossi, Italian theologian and historian Bernardo de' Rossi (1468-1527), Italian bishop and patron of the arts Bernardino de Rossi (15th century), Italian artist at the court of Lodovico Sforza Biagio Proto de Rossi (1548-1646), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Messina Camilla de Rossi (fl. 1670–1710), Italian composer Daniele De Rossi, Italian footballer Domenico de' Rossi (1659-1730), Italian sculptor and engraver Elena De Rossi Filibeck(20th century), Italian writer on Tibetan subjects Fabrizio De Rossi, a fictional character in the 1997 film Titanic Fabrizio De Rossi Re (born 1960), Italian composer and librettist Francesco de' Rossi (1510-1563), Italian Mannerist painter Giannetto De Rossi (born 1942), Italian make up artist Giovan Antonio de' Rossi (1616–1695), Italian architect of the Baroque Giovanni Battista de Rossi, 19th-century Italian archaeologist Giovanni Battista de' Rossi (1698-1764), Italian Roman Catholic priest Giovanni Bernardo De Rossi, 19th-century Italian Christian Hebraist Giovanni de' Rossi (1431-1502), Italian condottiero and the fifth count of San Secondo Giovanni de Rossi (bishop) (died 1667), Roman Catholic Bishop of Ossero and Bishop of Chiron Giovanni Giacomo de Rossi (1627-1691), Italian engraver and printer, active in Rome Giuseppe de Rossi O.F.M. Conv. (1610–1659), Roman Catholic Bishop of Umbriatico Giuseppe de Rossi (archbishop) (died 1610), Roman Catholic Archbishop of Acerenza e Matera, and Bishop of L'Aquila Giovanni Girolamo de' Rossi (16th century), Italian Roman Catholic Bishop of Pavia Guido de' Rossi (1440-1490), Italian condottiero Ippolito de' Rossi (1531-1591), Italian Roman Catholic cardinal Luigi de' Rossi (1474-1519), Italian Roman Catholic cardinal Luigi de Rossi (c. 1597-1653), Italian Baroque composer Mattia de Rossi (1637–1695), Italian architect of the Baroque period Michele Stefano de Rossi (1834-1898), Italian seismologist Mino De Rossi (born 1931), Italian road bicycle and track cyclist Pier Maria II de' Rossi (1413-1482), Italian condottiero and count of San Secondo Pier Maria III de' Rossi (1504-1547), Italian general and nobleman Properzia de' Rossi (1490-1530), Italian Renaissance sculptor Portia de Rossi, Australian actress Roberto de' Rossi, early humanist in Florence, a follower of Coluccio Salutati and, as the first pupil of Manuel Chrysoloras Saint Giovanni Battista de Rossi, 18th-century Roman priest Thomas de Rossi O.F M. (14th century), Scottish Franciscan friar, papal penitentiary, bishop and theologian
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