Vitória de Santo Antão

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Vitória de Santo Antão
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Vitória de Santo Antão is city in the State of Pernambuco, in Brazil. is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Pernambuco, northeastern region of the country. It integrates the Mesorregião da Mata Pernambucana Center-south and the microregion of Vitória de Santo Antão,located 46 kilometers west of the state capital. Even though it is practically within the RMR, metropolitan area of ​​Recife, Victóry is not part of it. Its territorial area is of 335,942 km², being 5,717 km² in urban perimeter. In 2016, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) estimated its population at approximately 137 915 inhabitants, being the tenth most populous city in Pernambuco, the fourth most populous in the interior of the state and the most populous in Zona da Mata. According to the Firjan Municipal Development Index (IFDM), Vitória de Santo Antão was elected the 8th best city to live in Pernambuco. A curiosity: Vitória de Santo Antão, is the only city in the Americas to have St. antão as patron. The municipal headquarters has an average temperature of 23.8 ° C [7] and its predominant native vegetation is Atlantic forest, although much of its green landscape has been replaced by sugarcane monoculture. [8 ] With approximately 87.2% of the population living in the urban area of ​​the municipality, [9] the city had 57 health facilities in 2009. Its Human Development Index is 0.640 and is considered medium. [ 8°07′S 35°18′W / 8.12°S 35.3°W / -8.12; -35.3.
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Vitória de Santo Antao
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