18Th Congress of the Philippines

Meeting of the national legislature of the Philippines
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The Eighteenth Congress of the Philippines (Filipino: Ikalabing-walong Kongreso ng Pilipinas) is the current meeting of the national legislature of the Republic of the Philippines, composed of the Senate and House of Representatives. The convention of the 18th Congress was followed by the 2019 Senate election, which replaced half of the Senate membership, and the 2019 House of Representatives elections which elected the entire membership of the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives meets in Batasang Pambansa Complex and the Senate meets in the GSIS Building from July 22, 2019 to a certain date in 2022, from the fourth to sixth year of the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte; this will be the end of tenure for senators elected in 2016. The 18th Congress was officially opened by President Duterte together with the joint session of the Senate and the House of Representatives.
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