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January 2002
Azerbaijan Wikipedia
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Azərbaycanca Vikipediya (azerbaijani)
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Azerbaijani Wikipedia
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The Azerbaijani Wikipedia (North Azerbaijani: Azərbaycanca Vikipediya, South Azerbaijani: تورکجه ویکی‌پدیا) is a Wikipedia in Azerbaijani language (the editing interface and the main page have been temporarily accessible via South Azerbaijani subtitles), launched in January 2002. As of 30 November 2010 it had 42,518 articles (size 4, including 20 featured articles) and 14,523 uploaded files in its content, as well as 23,766 registered users (including seven administrators and two bureaucrats). The editorial process is being supported by forty bots. Within the first two years of its creation the Azerbaijani Wikipedia reached 3,000 articles. As of November 2010 the local list of requested articles contains ten entries (seven biographical, two scientific and one unspecified). Pending November 2010 translation requests comprise three English and three Turkish entries. The categorization is maintained through nine topic categories: culture, geography, history, life, mathematics, nature, science, society and technology. Hidden categories embrace 111 entries. The backlog category contains 14 subcategories.[citation needed] There are also fourteen portals about architecture, biology, chemistry, history, Islam, geography, literature, medicine, philosophy, Azerbaijani cinema, Azerbaijani military, as well as country-specific ones about Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan itself.[citation needed] Azerbaijani Wikipedia is constantly increasing its number of articles, but at some point in 2015 this number somewhat decreased returning to values smaller than 100,000.
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