New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico

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August 20, 1967
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Partido Nuevo Progresista (spanish)
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The New Progressive Party (Spanish: Partido Nuevo Progresista, PNP) is a political party in Puerto Rico that advocates statehood. The PNP is one of the two major parties in Puerto Rico with significant political strength and currently holds both the seat of the governor and of the resident commissioner. In legislative matters, the party has a two-thirds majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives; a majority that gives the party full control over all legislations, including constitutional amendments, without political opposition. These majorities over the legislative branch, the control over the governorship seat, and a majority of Supreme Court justices affiliated with the party give the PNP absolute control over all three branches of government without political opposition. The party, however, has a minority in the number of mayors on the island. Domestically, the party is primarily contrasted by two other political parties: the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), which advocates maintaining the current political status of Puerto Rico as that of an unincorporated territory of the United States with self-government, and the smaller Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), which advocates for the independence of Puerto Rico. In national/mainland politics, members are split, with some party members affiliating with the Republican Party and some with the Democratic Party. The party traces its history back to 1967. In that year, the Partido Estadista Republicano instructed its members to not participate in a referendum held that year. Unhappy with the mandate, several dissidents left the Statehood Party and founded the PNP afterwards.
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Partido Nuevo Progresista
Partido Nuevo Progresista de Puerto Rico
New progressive party of puerto rico
New Progessive Party of Puerto Rico
New Party for Progress
New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico/Democratic Party (United States)
New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico
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