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Cosenza Calcio Srl
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Cosenza Calcio 1914
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Cosenza Calcio S.r.l. is an Italian football club, based in Cosenza, Calabria. Currently the team plays in Serie B, the second tier of Italian football, after earning promotion from Serie C on 16 June 2018 by winning the league playoffs. Found in 2011 as Nuova Cosenza Calcio as the phoenix club of Cosenza Calcio 1914 S.r.l.; Nuova Cosenza and Cosenza Calcio 1914 S.r.l. were the spiritual successor of the original Cosenza Calcio 1914 S.p.A. which folded in 2005. However, Cosenza Calcio 1914 S.r.l. acquired its sports title from Rende Calcio in 2007, given the sports title of the original club (Cosenza Calcio 1914 S.p.A.) had ceased to exist in 2005.
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