Music Director

Director of music, for an orchestra, film, radio station, etc.
musical director
band leader
female form of label
directora musical (spanish)
muziekdirectrice (dutch)
مديرة موسيقية (arabic)
directrice musicale (french)
Musikdirektorin (german)
מנהלת מוזיקלית (hebrew)
музична режисерка (ukrainian)
hudobná riaditeľka (slovak)
directora musical (catalan)
direutora musical (asturian)
muzikdirektorino (esperanto)
directora musical (galician)
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June 11, 2015
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Music directors
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A music director, musical director, or director of music is the person responsible for the musical aspects of a performance, production, or organization, for example the artistic director and usually chief conductor of an orchestra or concert band, the director of music of a film, the director of music at a radio station, the person in charge of musical activities or the head of the music department in a school, the coordinator of the musical ensembles in a university, college, or institution (but not usually the head of the academic music department), the head bandmaster of a military band, the head organist and choirmaster of a church, or an organist and master of the choristers (the title given to a director of music at a cathedral, particularly in England).
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Musical director
Musical Director
Music Director
Director of Music
Director of music
Band Director
Band director
Chief conductor
Orchestra director
Musicial Director
Music directing
General Music Director
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