PFC Marek Dupnitsa

Association football club in Bulgaria
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ФК Марек (bulgarian)
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Coordinates: 42°16′31.1″N 23°8′8.3″E / 42.275306°N 23.135639°E / 42.275306; 23.135639 FC Marek (Bulgarian: ФК Марек) is a Bulgarian football club based in Dupnitsa, currently playing in the Third League. It was founded in 1947 following the unification of four local clubs. Home matches take place at Bonchuk Stadium, where Marek famously defeated Bayern Munich in 1977. Bonchuk stadium has a capacity of 16,000. The team last played top-flight football during the 2014–15 season, after which it has played in the third tier. Marek's greatest achievement is winning the 1978 Bulgarian Cup.
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Marek Dupnitsa
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PFC Marek Dupnitsa
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