Person studying currencies, coins or paper money
coin collector
female form of label
numismatička (czech)
numismatiste (dutch)
numismática (spanish)
numismatica (italian)
Numismatikerin (german)
numismate (french)
jikönädavan (volapük)
monetokolekterino (ido)
numismatino (esperanto)
נומיסמטיקאית (hebrew)
numismata (brazilian portuguese)
numismática (asturian)
عالمة عملات (arabic)
numismàtica (catalan)
male form of label
hikönädavan (volapük)
monetokolekterulo (ido)
numismata (brazilian portuguese)
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A numismatist is a specialist in numismatics ("of coins"; from Late Latin numismatis, genitive of numisma). Numismatists include collectors, specialist dealers and scholars who use coins in object-based research. Although the term numismatics was first coined in English in 1829, people had been collecting and studying coins long before this, all over the world. The first group chiefly derive pleasure from the simple ownership of monetary devices and studying these coins as private amateur scholars. In the classical field amateur collector studies have achieved quite remarkable progress in the field. Examples are Walter Breen, a well-known example of a noted numismatist who was not an avid collector, and King Farouk I of Egypt was an avid collector who had very little interest in numismatics. Harry Bass by comparison was a noted collector who was also a numismatist. The second group are the coin dealers. Often called professional numismatists, they authenticate or grade coins for commercial purposes. The buying and selling of coin collections by numismatists who are professional dealers advances the study of money, and expert numismatists are consulted by historians, museum curators, and archaeologists. See, for example, the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) and the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA). The third category are scholar numismatists working in public collections, universities or as independent scholars acquiring knowledge about monetary devices, their systems, their economy and their historical context. Coins are especially relevant as a source in the pre-modern period.
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