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Union for Peru (Spanish: Unión por el Perú) is a Peruvian political party founded by Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, an ex-UN Secretary General, in 1994. Originally a liberal-centrist party with some centre-left factions, over time the party became the main political home of the Peruvian ethnocacerist movement in the mid- to late-2010s. At the elections held on 8 April 2001, the party won 4.1% of the popular vote and 6 out of 120 seats in the Congress of the Republic. In the 2006 elections, Union for Peru aligned itself with the Peruvian Nationalist Party and endorsed Ollanta Humala, who faced Alan García in the presidential runoff election. The alliance won with 21.2% of popular vote, and 45 out of 120 Members of Congress. In the 2011 elections, the party joined forces with the National Solidarity Party to support the presidential candidacy of Mayor of Lima Luis Castañeda Lossio. The party would retain its alliance with the National Solidarity Party in the 2016 elections as well, jointly nominating Hernando Guerra García. The party's current Secretary-General is José Vega Antonio.
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