Manhattan Beach

Human settlement in New York, United States of America
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Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn
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Manhattan Beach is a residential neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. It is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the south and east, by Sheepshead Bay on the north, and Brighton Beach to the west. Traditionally known as an Italian and Ashkenazi Jewish neighborhood, it is also home to a sizable community of Sephardi Jews and a large Russian Jewish immigrant presence. The community's street names, derived from England, are in alphabetical order from A to P (Amherst, Beaumont, Coleridge, Dover, Exeter, Falmouth, through to Pembroke, with Quentin and Reynolds on old maps), with the exception of Ocean Avenue. Manhattan Beach is part of Brooklyn Community District 15 and its primary ZIP Code is 11235. It is patrolled by the 61st Precinct of the New York City Police Department. Politically it is represented by the New York City Council's 48th District. The area is also represented by the Manhattan Beach Community Group, established in 1941, and the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association, established in 2008.
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Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, New York
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Manhattan Beach, New York
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