Business Executive

Person responsible for running a business, or an aspect of it
business owner
company manager
business manager
head of a company
company head
company director
female form of label
obchodní ředitelka (czech)
владелица бизнеса (russian)
obchodní manažerka (czech)
zakenvrouw (dutch)
مسيرة أعمال (arabic)
מנהלת עסקים (hebrew)
Unternehmensleiterin (german)
jefa de empresa (spanish)
executiva d'empresa (catalan)
xefa d'empresa (asturian)
Cheffin vun enger Entreprise (luxembourgish)
dirigeante d'entreprise (french)
cheffe d'entreprise (french)
male form of label
zakenman (dutch)
Chef vun enger Entreprise (luxembourgish)
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A business executive is a person responsible for running an organization, although the exact nature of the role varies depending on the organization. Executives run companies or government agencies. They create plans to help their organizations grow. Becoming an executive usually takes years of promotions and hard work since the qualifications of this role needs hard working individuals with years of experience in multiple facets of the business.
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