Glamour Model

Person who models for erotic photographs, mostly topless or nude but ranging up to fully clothed
glamor model
adult model
erotic model
erotic photography model
female form of label
mannequin de charme (french)
mannequine de charme (french)
عارضة إغراء (arabic)
Erotikmodel (german)
modelu erótica (asturian)
modelo erótica (galician)
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Erotic models
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An erotic photography model male or female who poses nude for erotic or sensual photos, which are intended to be displayed in exhibitions, art galleries, books, magazines, calendars, as well in other formats, most usually internet, DVDs and magazines. Erotic models pose in a manner which can be described as explicit, versus artistic or implied styles, where everything in not shown. The person can pose nude or with lingerie, swimsuits, etc, but in short order, erotic models are totally nude. To work as an erotic model, no qualifications are required outside of being of a legal age with, as some say, an open mind. The theme of erotic shoots can take many paths, it's up to the model and photographer to know what the shoot content will entail, which really makes knowing one's limitations essential.
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