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June 18, 2008
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Fishdom is a puzzle game developed and published by Playrix in 2008. Seven sequels to the game were released: Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey, a hidden object spin-off of the title, in April 2009, Fishdom: Spooky Splash, a Halloween-themed match-3 sequel to the franchise, in October 2009, Fishdom Frosty Splash, a Christmas themed installment of the original game, and Fishdom: Harvest Splash, a farm-themed match-3 installment of the original game. In May 2010, Fishdom 2 was released, with improved graphics and new levels. All three of the holiday themed Fishdom games were put together into one game in September 2010, called Fishdom: Seasons Under the Sea, however it does not contain any new content. A new game release called Fishdom 3 is launched in June 2014, because of the game's series' birthday. Another hidden object spinoff called Aquascapes is released in August 2014. The game is available for PC, Mac, Nintendo DS and online.
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