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Amphicyoninae is a subfamily of extinct bear-dogs, large terrestrial carnivores belonging to the suborder Caniformia and which inhabited North America, Eurasia, and Africa from ~37.2—2.6 Ma. Amphicyoninae existed for approximately ~34.6 million years. Amphicyoninae was named by Trouessart (1885). It was assigned to Canidae by Matthew (1902); to Ursidae by Ginsburg (1977); and to Amphicyonidae by Hunt (1998). Genera and tribes include: Amphicyon, found in both Europe and N. America Cynelos, synonyms include Absonodaphoenus and Hecubides, endemic to N. America Cynodictis Ischyrocyon, Hadrocyon is a synonym, endemic to N. America Goupilictis Magericyon Pliocyon, endemic to N. America Pseudocyon, Amphicyonopsis is a synonym, endemic to Europe and N. America Ysengrinia, found in both Europe and N. America Thaumastocyonini, a tribe endemic to Europe
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