2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Is the Quickest Ford Ever Offered in Europe

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A lot of people at least snickered when Ford decided to name its first purpose-built production EV after its most iconic model, the Mustang.




Not only that, but the electric crossover also got the Mach moniker, albeit linked to the letter 'E' for 'electric' instead of '1.'In other words, Ford has completely neglected to care about the baby boomer generation anymore, with millennials being 100 percent its target with the Mustang Mach-EThat said, Mustang purists who were all about performance were not completely forgotten, as the Mach-E also got quicker version, with the most powerful version being the GT, which as of this week is available to order in Europe as well.In fact, the 2022 ford…
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