Bolder, brutish Ridgeback - Honda gives its double-cab bakkie a major overhaul
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The world's most unique double-cab bakkie has finally been given the redesign it deserves.
• Honda gave its Ridgeback bakkie a major facelift.

• The Ridgeback is only for sale in America.

• The bakkie is available in front- and rear-wheel-drive configurations.

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For a decade and a half, local bakkie fans have jealously observed Honda's double-cab from afar.

If you want to own one, an American life is your only option to make that possible. Unlike most of the large bakkies that American customers buy in record numbers, the Ridgeline is not a heavy-duty haulage double-cab.

It is closer, in design-purpose and robustness, to a conventional SUV. Why do the Americans have access to Ridgeline and the rest of the world doesn't? Due to the size of America's bakkie market, Honda could justify the original investment in a country-specific unibody double-cab.

2021 Honda Ridgeline (Honda Media)

Dream spec - yet average demand

Since the second-generation's launch in 2017, Honda has not achieved spectacular success with its Ridgeline, despite a very compelling technical package. With independent coil suspension at all four wheels and a monocoque platform, the Ridgeline has smoother ride quality and better cornering…
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