Don't worry, Final Fantasy 16 graphics will improve before launch
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fairly easy
What you saw at the PS5 showcase was a work in progress, with more bells and whistle-raga spells still waiting to be cast.
If it quacks like a gigantic dragon that's about to level an entire continent, sounds like crystals breaking so that some ancient goddess can be freed, and looks like a whole bunch of swords 'n sorcery action, then that duck must be Final Fantasy. Also I've got no idea where I was going with this analogy but you get the point.

Anyway, Final Fantasy 16 was announced not too long ago, and there's a lot in that PC-rendered gameplay that I really like! The atmosphere looks epic, the actual tone of the game is rumoured to have an 18+ age restriction (BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD), and the action is continuing the trend that games like Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake pioneered while Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core is left in a corner on all its lonesome.

Some fans aren't…
Darryn Bonthuys
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