Florida's school mask rule debate remains heated

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A roundup of Florida education news from around the state.
As we enter May, the Florida legislative session is over. Students begin another round of exams, if they want. Things are winding down. What's left to do but continue arguing about masks? Read on for the latest on that story and more Florida education news.

Be safe. With tempers flaring over mask policy, the Pasco County School Board is adding security to its meetings.

Many districts are maintaining their mask mandates to the end of the semester. Santa Rosa County's superintendent is recommending cutting the requirement short, WEAR reports. • The Manatee County School Board prepared to have its mask rule end on June 1, unless conditions worsen, the Bradenton Herald reports.

Doing away with masks might be premature, though, one expert says. USF pediatrics professor Patricia Emmanuel says they're an important mitigation measure until more children can be vaccinated, WUSF reports.

More coronavirus concerns

The Miami private school that won't hire people who get the coronavirus vaccination didn't surprise those in the know. "It's a cult," some parents and former employees told the Miami Herald. More from the NY Times.

Most schools want their employees — and eligible students — to get vaccinated. The Leon County school district launched a campaign encouraging staff to do so, the Tallahassee Democrat reports. • The Broward County school…
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