Google has certified Nest Hub with Fuchsia OS – Image and Sound – News
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fairly easy
We'll see what the fuchsia will or won't look like, but in terms of sandboxing and deciding what the app can read (= very important for privacy) I have to
say that ChromeOS was really cool (that was, because the native Chrome apps never became popular enough) And even Android is powerful compared to all desktop operating systems (including Linux and Mac OS, although iOS is a bit stronger when looking at mobile systems). Something like FLOC doesn't create in-depth browser monitoring, but is just an attempt to go from central profiles (= Google has a list of sites you visited and updates your list of interests based on those visits) to decentralized profiles (= your computer, not Google, has a list of sites The web you visited and your computer only shares the list of interests). This is a great step in the right direction (although there are some hurdles on how to avoid fingerprints) along with stronger website security.

I think it's extremely important to always be…
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