Lizzo tearfully calls out fat-phobic, racist abuse and Cardi B supports her: 'It's hurtful' | W24
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Despite producing undeniably incredible music and taking to the red carpet in outfits that signal her confidence and style, Lizzo constantly comes face to face with abuse, particularly on social media.
She recently shared on TikTok that she was going through "that part of sadness", which has left her feeling "annoying" to others and as though "nobody cares" about her.

Following that post, the singer shared that she felt better following a self-care routine.

"Took a bath, talked to my therapist, talked to my medium, breathed, focused on gratitude, tricked my dopamine levels by getting excited about something that's happening in the future, ate a cinnamon roll, hot chocolate, and now I'm in bed. I do feel better," she said at the time.

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However, she's now going through those undesirable feelings as she faces unfair social media scrutiny over her weight and racist abuse.The 33-year-old singer tearfully hit back at the trolls sent her "hurtful" remarks following the release of her new music video "Rumors", her song with Cardi B.

Loving yourself in a world that don't love u back takes an incredible amount of self awareness & a bullshit detector that can see through ass backwards societal standards…

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