Misano bumps: 'They made it worse!'

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Many MotoGP riders say Misano bumps 'worse' than before after recent resurfacing, but all agree grip levels are much improved.
Grip better, bumps worse. That was the general feeling among MotoGP riders after day one of the San Marino Grand Prix at the resurfaced Misano, with some even likening parts of the circuit to being on a motocross track…

Jack Miller:

"It's bumpy. It's bad, especially in the fastest sector. But the biggest bonus is at least there's some grip out there, which we didn't have last year. But the fact that it's this bumpy and it's not even a year old this asphalt, I don't know what the f**k they did, but they made it worse in terms of bumps. That back section, the bike just starts shaking and bouncing, and one lap you can get through there semi OK, and the next lap you're just bouncing around."

Valentino Rossi:

"Misano is always a bit tricky. They did a very good job with the new asphalt, because it has very good grip and there are less bumps, but there are some bad ones in some places. There were more bumps with the previous asphalt, but they were smaller."

Fabio Quartararo:

"There's more grip than last year but the track is similar to motocross! A lot of bumps. Positive that there is more grip but we need to adapt because honestly the first exit in FP1 was really difficult to manage the bumps."

Maverick Vinales:

"Last year there were more [bumps] but we felt them less. Turn 3 is one area, braking in corner 8 also big ones and also in the…
Peter McLaren
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