MotoGP, Brivio: When Mir crossed the finish line I felt empty inside
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FULL INTERVIEW: "I froze for a few seconds: then I saw the others cheering and I jumped into the celebrations. When I got to know Rossi, he already had 5 world titles, Joan was a rookie. Our secret is that we are a happy team."
In a year conditioned by the global health emergency; in the year of the hundredth anniversary of the founding of Suzuki; sixty years after its debut in the world championship; only five years since the arrival of Davide Brivio: Joan Mir on his GSX-RR has won the 2020 MotoGP title and has taken the Hamamatsu manufacturer to victory again.

Starting from a blank sheet of paper in 2015, Brivio has reached the pinnacle of success in the premier class by managing to reconcile Japanese and European methods of working in the best possible way. The battle for the team led by this programme accountant - these were his studies - is not over yet. Suzuki is fully involved in the fight for second place in the riders' championship and, albeit with lower expectations, for the 2020 constructors' championship.

Brivio: "We have conquered five double podiums, we are competitive with both riders"

"What can I say? It was something historic, we did something fantastic. If I were a director and thought about making a film about this world championship, I would never be able to imagine something so fantastic! - said Brivio at the height of his joy - We won a world championship in Suzuki's hundredth anniversary and also in a difficult year. Anyway, we did something historic. In short, twenty years after the last title, we couldn't have imagined anything better than this. I am certainly happy for each of us because we started this project a few years ago from scratch. We put together a lot of people, all very motivated. People, who in most cases had never won before, so they had the right motivation to try, but especially the riders. Joan was incredible, I think we are in the face of someone special. Alex did an incredible job too, just think about his injury and a couple of mistakes, without them he could have been here too. I think this season has shown that we are competitive with both riders and Joan has certainly been more consistent, made more podiums and fewer mistakes and won…
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