MotoGP, Marc Marquez's annus horribilis: from the accident to giving up on 2020
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All the stages of the Spanish champion's ordeal: first operation, lightning-fast return, the second intervention, uncertainty about his future
No one ever imagined that Marc Marquez would have such a cursed year. Yesterday Honda and the rider announced the news that we will not see him on the track again this year. The goal – but therefore not a certainty – for him is to get back on the bike next year, hopefully for the tests scheduled in Malaysia in February, but everything is shrouded in doubt.

So much so that, after a first indiscretion came from Spain on a possible third operation, caused by a pseudoarthrosis (non-union) that prevents the formation of the callus necessary for the consolidation of the fracture, they are beginning to admit the need for this intervention which would put his presence at risk in the first tests of 2021, at the end of February, in Malaysia.

At the moment, the only certain thing is that it all started on 19 July, when Marc crashed while completing a sensational comeback at Jerez after a mistake. Four months, and for the moment two operations later, the timing of the recovery is not yet clear.

Let's retrace the moments of his annus horribilis.

19 July - Marc Marquez fractures his right humerus when he crashes at Jerez.

20 July - Marc Marquez arrives in Barcelona.

21 July - Marquez is operated on in Barcelona.

22 July - Marc Marquez plans to get back on track already in the Andalucia GP.

23 July - Marc…
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