MotoGP, PHOTOS - Here is the 2021 KTM: same colours but bigger goals
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Binder and Oliveira reform the pairing already seen in Moto2 and Moto3. Brad: "we are in a good direction". Miguel: "the RC16 is capable of winning but you cannot take anything for granted"
The factory team's KTM RC16 does not differ much from last year's bike, but 2021 starts under totally different auspices. While in 2020 it was still looking for confirmation, now the Austrian manufacturer already has three MotoGP victories under its belt and the two riders who obtained them in the official team.

Miguel Oliveira has joined Brad Binder in the 'first team' by reforming a couple already seen in Moto2 and Moto3.

They have the job of helping KTM take that final step to arrive at the ultimate victory. Meanwhile, today they showed off their new colours: "2020 in general was a season where I feel we achieved a lot, a few good results and obviously with the first victory – or KTM's first victory – being the main thing – said Brad Binder - But there were also many days when we had the potential to do so much more. For sure now the margin is a little bit smaller to try and improve but I think as the season went on last year, even though we had a little bit of a slump in the middle, things got better and better. I felt like I was improving not only for the results but in the way approaching the weekends and going session-by-session. At the moment I feel that we have a really, really strong package. We are in a good direction and I am super-excited to get back on the bike this year."

Miguel Oliveira is eager to get on track: "For sure to be world champion you need to have many details together at the same time and for that, depending on how the season is going and what is happening, generally we can find success through the project. Sometimes a 4th place will be a very good result and sometimes a 2nd place may not fulfil our expectations but you have to work through that process and right now, as a start base, I am thinking quite hard to set a bar of results that we can consider as successful. For…
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