MotoGP, Valentino Rossi: "I'm not sure if Yamaha listens to my instructions"
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"We've had the same problems for years now. They have to adapt to the new MotoGP working method. There's room for improvement."
Franco Morbidelli will start tomorrow from pole position in Valencia, Valentino Rossi from the sixth row, while the other Yamahas are in the middle. Apart from his personal difficulties, the Doctor emphasized that the new M1 didn't present a clear improvement over the previous version, and today's result seems to agree with him, considering that Morbido rides a less advanced bike.

"It's not the first time that a rider with an old bike is faster than those with the factory M1. It's happened often in recent years," the Doctor specified. "In my opinion, what's needed is serious work to improve."

Do you mean that they haven't moved forward since 2019?

"The problem is that last season was a difficult season for Yamaha, and we needed to improve the bike in some areas. The engine and the grip on the rear, for…
Matteo Aglio
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